Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sunday I turn 33.

32 was a good year and I had the opportunity to do many new things.

Here is a list of my firsts from last year:

ed paintball.

ed Chattanooga, TN.

ded Germanfest.

Went through the Wichita Falls Citizen's Police Academy (and am now a Board Member for the WF Citizen's Police Academy Association).

Spent a month in Italy.

Changed jobs and hired an assistant.

Became an aunt.

Announced the bands at the Hotter-N-Hell Hundred.

Received my 10-year service award from the district.

Went to a New Kids on the Block concert.

Had my house broken into (I lost my laptop and all of my jewelry).

Did a ride-along with the WFPD.

Visited the Grand Canyon.

Did a zero-gravity wind tunnel (simulated skydiving).

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